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eight. Alexia Ashford (Citizen Worst Code Veronica)

eight. Alexia Ashford (Citizen Worst Code Veronica)

Area of the antagonist in Citizen Worst Password Veronica. Are Alfred Ashford’s cousin, she was a specialist within Umbrella which contaminated by herself toward T-Veronica trojan and place herself in the cryogenic sleep. She sooner or later woke upwards within the incidents away from Resident Worst Code Veronica and you may was killed by Chris regarding the final manager fight.

  • Alexia’s final employer challenge is recognized as are among hardest for the Citizen Evil. Throughout the her company endeavor, she symptoms the ball player with tentacles while you are spawning bugs you to assault the gamer and disrupt the fresh player’s episodes.

six. Alex Wesker (Citizen Worst Revelations dos)

Alex Wesker is actually part of the antagonist off Citizen Worst Revelations dos. She got anybody, such as for example Claire Redfield and you will Moira Burton, become abducted and you may provided for Sejm Area.