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How Much Personal Data Can Dating Apps Access From Your Smartphone?

How Much Personal Data Can Dating Apps Access From Your Smartphone?

Sure dating apps are fun. (Who doesn’t like swiping left?) But didn’t we learn any lessons from the saga of FaceApp and its Russian scheme to mine our personal data and gain access to our phones, all just for a good laugh posting an old-age selfie of ourselves?

Pop quiz: When was the last time you sat down and read the terms and conditions on Tinder? I would say, pretty darn close to never. Right? So what do we need to fear when using dating apps on our smartphones?

Most users are not aware that with installing a dating app, they are permitting access to their data like photos, camera, microphone, location, identity, phone contacts, network connection and more, Suzana Jaramaz, PR and content marketing manager for Datingroo, told Observer.

And it gets even better: An average user won’t know where their data is stored, who has access to it, or how it possibly could be misused, she continued.

According to the Google Play Store, FaceApp has even less access to a user’s data than the most popular dating apps. And that’s quite a security flaw, considering that FaceApp set off the alarm for Sen. Chuck Schumer to call for a federal investigation into the Russia-based company.

Datingroo’s findings show that dating apps are far more attractive to hackers and cybercriminals than FaceApp-not because they, too, need love, but because these apps have a greater amount of user data. (But I’m sure, fitting with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, they need love as well.)

Think of when you set up your dating app user profile.