Served with Fried Rice of the day

    30. Shrimp with Broccoli              

    31. Shrimp with Snow Peas          

    32. Shrimp with Bean Sprouts

    33. Shrimp with Vegetables

          Shrimp, bok choy, snow peas, mushroom, baby corn, bamboo shoot, & water chestnuts in a clear sauce

   34. Sesame Shrimp Crispy shrimp served in a sweet garlic & ginger sauce with toasted sesames

*35. Yu Hsiang Shrimp

        Shrimp, broccoli, green peppers, water chestnuts, and mushroom stir fried in a tangy spicy garlic sauce

   36. Orange Roughy Cantonese Style

          Tender slices of roughy fillets, broccoli, baby corns, carrots,& mushrooms sautéed in a clear sauce

*37. Szechuan Orange Roughy

        Slices of roughy, broccoli, onions, carrot & green pepper stir fried in a tangy spicy Szechuan sauce

*38. General Shrimp Crispy Shrimp served in a sweet and spicy garlic & ginger sauce            

*39. Imperial Shrimp Crispy Shrimp with toasted cashew nuts, cherries and sautéed in a special spicy szechuan sauce

*40. Szechuan Shrimp Shrimp, onions, green peppers, served in a sweet and spicy tomato based sauce

*41. Kung Po Shrimp Shrimp, broccoli, and peanuts stir fried in a spicy brown sauce

*42. Curry Shrimp Shrimp, onions, peas, and mushroom

  43. Shrimp in Black Bean Sauce

        Shrimp, broccoli, bok choy, onions, mushroom, bamboo shoot, & green peppers in a black bean sauce

  44. Cashew Shrimp Shrimp, broccoli, & cashew nuts in a brown sauce

Chef Specialties

Served with Fried Rice of the day

  45. Mandarin Delight

        Chicken and shrimp with green peppers, bamboo shoots, carrots, & mushroom in a hoi sin sauce

*46. Steak and Scallop Scallop and thick slices of flank steak in a crispy coating stir fried with mushroom and

           onions blended in a sweet and mildly spicy Barbecue sauce

*47. Ala Singapore

        Shrimp, slices of beef, mushroom, broccoli, water chestnuts & carrots in a mildly spicy Chinese Barbecue Sauce

  48. Dragon and Phoenix Slices of chicken and shrimp with snow peas, water chestnuts, and carrots in a clear sauce

  49. Four Seasons Slices of beef, roast pork, shrimp, chicken, broccoli, snow peas, bamboo shoot, mushroom, &

          carrots cooked  in a black bean sauce

* Hot and Spicy Entrees

We can alter the spiciness according to your taste

All items can be ordered Not Spicy, Mild, Medium, or Extra Spicy

Text Box: Vegetarian Entrees
Please ask to Substitute any Meat Entree with Tofu or Request to leave the meat out of the Entree.
Text Box: Steamed Entrees
All entrees on our menu can be steamed without sauce.